Misusing Contractors

Hello, I’ve been working in QA in California for 10 years now at various companies. The one thing they all have in common is that they all misuse contractors. By that I mean that I get none of the benefits of being a contractor, but all the bad aspects.

All companies seem to do this as a way to save money. From my understanding, contractors make their own hours, have their own equipment, do their own thing for the most part as a contractor. Here, I’m basically just an employee they don’t have to actually hire and lay me off whenever they feel like it.

I know this is against the law but have never done anything about it. I’m sick of it as I’ve never actually been hired in 10 years of doing this.

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CPK confusions (formula) can anyone help?

I had to do a dozen 35pc capability studies for a customer. I am using a CPK template that has never failed me before. I was passed on the template by a big company (Monsanto) and they always were happy with the end results. So I know it’s legit, however maybe I screwed something up?

I don’t have to run CPK studies often so I never created my own. Now I have some new parts for a company I did the reports on (mentioned) and they are saying the parts failed. Although many of the dimensions are hovering .001 around the mean. (.005 tol)

Those particular CPK numbers are coming in at 1.533 to 3.3997. SO they are in fact out, this template seems to be not working.

Does anyone have a template (hopefully built off of 35pc), or a link to one they could pass on with the CPK formula’s already in place? The customer is calling in a few hours. =(

Thank you so much!

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