How do you keep junior/new testers busy and engaged?

I’m lead on a team of 2 testers. We are a smallish company, and software isn’t our product. We have a few websites and some mobile apps, but testing on all of those is like a 1.5-1.75 full time job. That is, more work than one can comfortably do by themselves, but not enough to keep 2 busy all day everyday.

I can always find work to do because of my domain knowledge and skills, but our new junior tester…I have a hard time keeping him busy. We talked about several different kinds of testing, he gets assigned features and defects, and I’ve delegated some documentation tasks, but in the end, there are days where the work isn’t there or obvious enough for him to pick up on his own.

How would you keep a junior busy in such an environment?

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How was your journey from Analyst to Engineer?

I’d like to hear your stories on how you went from a zero programming knowledge manual QA Analyst to an Automation Engineer. How long did it take you to learn? What urged you to learn? Any advice for those that are on that evolution path right now? Are you still an Automation Engineer? Did you move into a Developer role?

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Test case management tools (open source?)

I’m a developer, but I’m trying to move our QA department away from managing their test cases in Excel.

I was hoping to find something I could just run alongside our bugzilla server. So far, I’ve looked at:

  • Tarantuala: dead.
  • Radi: last update 2013
  • Testopia: Apparently orphaned
  • QAManager: last update 2008
  • QATraq: also apparently gone
  • Tesly: looks orphaned
  • TestLink: I’ve been trying to install this for 2 days, the install scripts just don’t work. The documentation is basically non-existent. Just one example, you have to have a writable directory for template compilation (because it uses smarty), but if you change the path in the config file, it doesn’t matter, the installer still tries to look for it in the default path and refuses to continue if it’s not there. I could probably eventually get this working, but I have zero confidence in it at this point.
  • TestRun/Testitool: apparently orphaned

We don’t do automated testing (yet!), so the Selenium-based ones aren’t really what I’m looking for. I just want something where I can define a few products, lots of test cases, group them into folders (we call them phases), and check them off as passed or failed for a given version. Some basic reporting would be nice.

Does anyone know of something free (self-hosted) that will do this? If not, do you have a reasonably-low-cost tool that you really like?

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Making manual QA testing easier

I’m a developer looking to make things easier for people in QA to test my new features. My company has a giant Word document that contains all of the QA tests. Developers are supposed to write out their testing plan in this doc after developing their feature. The problem is it takes developers a long time to write the docs. They have to take screenshots, mark up the screenshots, write a description for every step. Most of the time, QA still has many questions for the developer because the descriptions are unclear. I want to develop an app which will record the developer interacting with their new feature, typing in input, etc. Then, it will automatically take screenshots and transcribe the details. QA can replay these screenshots side by side while testing the app. As the tester finishes typing something in an input, they will be presented with the next screenshot automatically because we would be able to detect when the tester has completed a step. Would this be useful for manual QA tests?

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