GTAC Diversity Scholarship

by Lesley Katzen on behalf of the GTAC Diversity Committee

We are committed to increasing diversity at GTAC, and we believe the best way to do that is by making sure we have a diverse set of applicants to speak and attend. As part of that commitment, we are excited to announce that we will be offering travel scholarships again this year.
Travel scholarships will be available for selected applicants from traditionally underrepresented groups in technology.

To be eligible for a grant to attend GTAC, applicants must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be from a traditionally underrepresented group in technology.
  • Work or study in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, or a technical field related to software testing.
  • Be able to attend core dates of GTAC, November 14th – 15th 2017 in London, England.

To apply:
You must fill out the following scholarship formand register for GTAC to be considered for a travel scholarship.
The deadline for submission is July 1st. Scholarship recipients will be announced on August 15th. If you are selected, we will contact you with information on how to proceed with booking travel.

What the scholarship covers:
Google will pay for round-trip standard coach class airfare to London for selected scholarship recipients, and 3 nights of accommodations in a hotel near the Google King’s Cross campus. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for GTAC attendees and speakers on both days of the conference. We will also provide a £75.00 gift card for other incidentals such as airport transportation or meals. You will need to provide your own credit card to cover any hotel incidentals.

Google is dedicated to providing a harassment-free and inclusive conference experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found at:

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Recent Biology Grad with contract for QA test technician

I am graduating tomorrow with my bachelors of science in general biology. I have done loads of lab experience and interviewed with a few interested companies as I thought lab work was my future.

However, I had a speed interview at this company and offered the position the the next day. The contracted position is QA Test Technician and the company works with medical devices. I was hoping I could get some advice on what I should expect and maybe an ELI5 of the position as I have no experience.

“If you have no experience then why did you take the job?” The company is world world-renowned and offers great experience. I am starting next Wednesday and I am getting a bit nervous. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Also, what attracts biology majors to QA and vice-versa?

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SOAP UI: issues posting a zip file to s3.

As my last soap query was a storming success and reddit got me to the answer before the smartbear community did, i thought id throw this one at yous. Any suggestions?

In a nutshell the file that arrives at s3 has the http headers embedded in it causing it to be corrupt.

Im currently investigating streaming the bytes of the zip to string and putting the result in the request body via groovy but i think encoding is going to be my enemy

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Is it just me or do companies want developer level skills for QA now but don’t want to pay developer level salaries?

I’ve been looking at QA job postings over the past year or so and I keep seeing the same thing: companies want developer level skills. Entire languages and tech stacks are posted just as they are for developer positions. I have even had employers tell me that they would be doing whiteboard coding interviews for QA positions. The only problem is that when I talk to these companies they want to give me QA salaries which as tens of thousands under what developers get.

In my current job my small team of 3 QA people have written 19,000 lines of code in 4 months. The level of skill on this team has surpassed many developers I have worked with at other companies. Yet, I know for a fact that we are paid less than developers. Ditto for my last company too.

I have heard about SDET positions getting the same as developers but I have never seen it personally. Is this where QA is headed? I have no desire to be a “full fledged” developer, and especially don’t want to be a developer who gets paid less and has to endure bullshit hazing like whiteboarding. What do you think? Have you experienced this yourself? If this is truly the future I think I want become a business analyst where I’ll get the same pay but less demands.

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