Anyone familiar with any free manual test plan capture tools

I have a friend who’s just starting to build out a product. He was hoping that there were some free testing tools available that capture test plans (text and images). His product is likely a web/mobile app. He didn’t like my initial response was that the most common option I’ve heard of was Excel 🙂

Thank you in advance QA Subreddit!

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CodedUI Hell

Can someone give me a hand just selecting an element on a webpage using CodedUI?! I can open a browser but can’t for the life of me click a text box. CodedUI is shit compared to Selenium (IMO) but my work wants me to try and learn it. Every video that I watch seems outdated. Any help even just a few lines of code would help. Plus, when I run the recording tool it throws an error generating the code…something about TopLevelWindow Id.

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How to get started load testing?

My company needs to start doing more consistent load testing, and I’m trying to push the project forward. Unfortunately I have no experience doing this and am not sure how to get started. My biggest hurdle is the fact that our site requires authentication so I can’t just hit the site a thousand times or anything, I need to authenticate with (i assume at least) a decent amount of accounts.

Any tips?

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