Tool for automated REST with DB


I want to test a java application with REST services(json). I want to check the responses and also the results in the oracle database. I would like to get a visual report and a result jenkins can work with. It’s only a few endpoints but lots of different requests. So I need data driven tests.

The tests are supposed to run in a docker environment in a Jenkins build pipeline.

Which tool or combination of tools would you recommend for this?

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What’s up with QA Engineer salaries?

I’ve heard for the longest time that QA/Automation/SDETs get paid the same as devs, yet I have NEVER seen this in reality. I’m a senior QA engineer at my company, all I do is write code all day. I work on Web, iOS, and Android.

My pay is $85k in the Midwest. New devs start at $110k at my same company. Where are these places that pay SDETs the same as regular devs?

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