Quite dubious about continue my career on QA

Well, I started as a QA about two years ago, 3 months as basically doing manual testing. From there, i started to automate (first contact with BDD frameworks, later with Selenium and with Mocha), and really loved the automation work. Unfortunately, had a pair of changes of work (not voluntary ones) and now i’m on a QA position again. On my current job, at first, we tried to reach all the points of the development: analyze the product requeriments sheets to correct them or add questions if some things feel missing (behaviours, texts,…); develop the test plans, do the manual testing and try to automate (using Selenium). But since a few months ago, the automate work seems missing, the product requeriments analysis sometimes is not being done and we are doing A LOT of regression tests because the core source code of the product is quite unstable. I don’t really like to do manual testing ( yep, it is necessary to select the tests to automate, but i am taking account also to the quantity of regression that we are doing and the setup that has to be done to do a simple test in mobile platforms that we have), i love the automation work, but i’m starting to feel quite frustrated. Slowly, seems that the automation test work is been taken by the devs (backends do automated Postman tests, frontends are using jest, another department has a CD system that covers all its infrastructure,…) and QA department are only took account to do the manual testing. So, i am thinking to wait until end of the year to see if this situation changes and we move more to automation roles; if not, start to search for other place. Maybe i’m being a bit pessimistic, but i think that the Manual tester position does not have future at all and i feel like i am on a second class position.

I have experience with Selenium, Cucumber and Mocha, and a bit of experience with Postman. I feel comfortable with several programming languages (Python, Java, Javascript, …). What other tools/knowledge could be needed to advance on SDET positions? The title is related to the situation that I wouldn’t be afraid to move to a developer position given the case.

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