Having trouble with Xpath locators in RIDE

I’m learning automation, I’m a bit new to all of this and I’m having a hard time locating things by xpath in RIDE. The code to the webapp doesn’t have many id’s or names, so I’m usually forced to go with xpath.

Im trying to write a simple test case that verifies the existence of every element on a login page (logo, username box, password box, etc.) So I use a variable like “Element should be visible”, but don’t know what to put in the locator box.

So if the HTML looks like this:

<div class=”logo-box text-center”>

<img data-ng-src=”themes/default/img/lodgiq-logo.png” alt=”LodgIQ” src=”themes/default/img/lodgiq-logo.png”>


and I want to verify lodgiq-logo.png is visible, what is the syntax?

And while we’re at it, am I doing this right? is there a better way to verify an element’s existence?

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