Anyone familiar with any free manual test plan capture tools

I have a friend who’s just starting to build out a product. He was hoping that there were some free testing tools available that capture test plans (text and images). His product is likely a web/mobile app. He didn’t like my initial response was that the most common option I’ve heard of was Excel 🙂

Thank you in advance QA Subreddit!

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CodedUI Hell

Can someone give me a hand just selecting an element on a webpage using CodedUI?! I can open a browser but can’t for the life of me click a text box. CodedUI is shit compared to Selenium (IMO) but my work wants me to try and learn it. Every video that I watch seems outdated. Any help even just a few lines of code would help. Plus, when I run the recording tool it throws an error generating the code…something about TopLevelWindow Id.

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How to get started load testing?

My company needs to start doing more consistent load testing, and I’m trying to push the project forward. Unfortunately I have no experience doing this and am not sure how to get started. My biggest hurdle is the fact that our site requires authentication so I can’t just hit the site a thousand times or anything, I need to authenticate with (i assume at least) a decent amount of accounts.

Any tips?

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Recomendation of any good tool for mobile app test automation ?

Hi, I have a very demanding project, and considered implementation of automatic test. My wet dream is something like Xamarin Test recorder because it was easy to record tests on iOS and Android, but tests can be only launched on cloud and project needs a special network connection. I considered also do some test using espresso in Android Studio but I can’t find anything good for iOS. Do you guys know any good similiar tools for test recording ?

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