Alternative to Monosnap?

Our team uses Monosnap to record video and take screenshots of issues. I (Windows) don’t have a problem with storage – and I thought Monosnap had unlimited storage – but my coworker (iOS) says her account keeps telling her she doesn’t have enough storage, so a lot of her older files get lost. She can only have about 20 videos at once, for example.

Does anyone use a good alternative that also has video? We can’t use something in-browser because we want to capture information about the URL as well as be able to capture navigating between browsers and browser tabs, e.g.

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Company is offering a new position (same role as me) for a higher rate

Hi all,

FTP here.

My company is looking to expand and has posted an Analyst position for my team with the same job description as my actual role (i checked my own JD and it matches word for word) for more money than I am currently on.

Everything is the same except the salary – they would be doing what i do now except I have X amount of experience working here.

Is this something i can bring up with my boss? I’m really angry and hurt at this.

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