How can I show I’d rock as their first QA, even when under qualified? (And a quick pay question)

Okay, this is the company's first time hiring a QA for their team, and I'd be the only one. They're getting ready to start working on a new video game, and don't really have any set QA procedures in place. So I'd basically be creating the QA procedures and standards from scratch, with no guidance.

I'm pumped for the opportunity because I like the idea of starting with a blank slate and creating a process that really works for the company. However, I've only had one 6 month internship (all manual testing, no automation) that revolved around functional testing. They didn't specify about automation, but they did say performance and security testing were preferred, which I don't have any in.

I can see where I'm somewhat unqualified for the job, but I truly believe I'd be good at it despite that. I'd be so great at researching the aspects I'm not experienced with (like automation, and performance/security testing) and putting in my own time. I just finished college, where I worked two jobs, earned a comp sci degree and kept busy on the exec board of my club. So I'm kind of looking for a job like this, where I can invest all the energy I'm used to putting toward those things towards a new project.

How can I show that I'd be great, even without a ton of experience? And also, it's only $15 an hour... Isn't that kind of low for starting the QA stuff from scratch?

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