What to do as a tester in Automotive?

Hey there guys i was hoping that you could help me with something. I got an internship in an Automotive company, specifically a project that requires testing in the telematics module of a car, we are a small team and we’re working doing manual testing and in a couple of months i will take some training in automation, but i just don’t know how or where to start right now. I was hoping that some of you guys have experience in this field and could give me some advice. My project leader told me to study the CAN bus, which i’ve been doing but i couldn’t find the tools or information about test automation.

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How can I show I’d rock as their first QA, even when under qualified? (And a quick pay question)

Okay, this is the company’s first time hiring a QA for their team, and I’d be the only one. They’re getting ready to start working on a new video game, and don’t really have any set QA procedures in place. So I’d basically be creating the QA procedures and standards from scratch, with no guidance.

I’m pumped for the opportunity because I like the idea of starting with a blank slate and creating a process that really works for the company. However, I’ve only had one 6 month internship (all manual testing, no automation) that revolved around functional testing. They didn’t specify about automation, but they did say performance and security testing were preferred, which I don’t have any in.

I can see where I’m somewhat unqualified for the job, but I truly believe I’d be good at it despite that. I’d be so great at researching the aspects I’m not experienced with (like automation, and performance/security testing) and putting in my own time. I just finished college, where I worked two jobs, earned a comp sci degree and kept busy on the exec board of my club. So I’m kind of looking for a job like this, where I can invest all the energy I’m used to putting toward those things towards a new project.

How can I show that I’d be great, even without a ton of experience? And also, it’s only $15 an hour… Isn’t that kind of low for starting the QA stuff from scratch?

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Traceability- Hardware and Mechanical Requirements

Hi there,

Newbie tester here, currently writing verification test protocols based on client’s requirement documents.

Some problematic requirements I encountered:

“The enclosure shall include a board.”

“Distance between each tooth shall not exceed 1 mm.”

Does such requirements need to actually verified in the test cases? If so, can I cover it by a “hardware inspection” test cases?

Some clarifications:

I’m the only tester and no one at work can answer me.

The client will eat me alive if I’ll ask him how to do my job (understandably)

The device is medical, I don’t know if they submit it to the FDA but one way or the other- the documents are expected to be very high standard.

Thanks in advance!

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What automation tools to learn?


as the title says, i feel i need to take the next step into QA, so i want to start learning automation for testing purpose, but i’m not sure yet on which tool(s) to focus.

obviously, selenium will be my 1st choice, as it’s kinda de facto where ever i look about automation testing.

what else would you recommend to have in sight? tools / frameworks / you name it. anything that will help increase my skills into QA.


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