Struggling a bit with Agile test planning and workflow, need some opinions

My company is a relatively new company. We’re growing fast, and in 3 years, we’ve built over ~50 products (related to IT infrastructure monitoring). The documentation burden for these products is quite large, largely due to version hell, and a wide variety of enterprise targets (think database versions, for example). In the past, we built mediocre test plans, and tried to live in both testrail for test case management, and pivotal tracker for project tracking. We were somewhere between agile and waterfall.

Recently, we transitioned to a real agile process. I’m having much difficulty figuring out how to use pivotal tracker, and testrail optimally. Specifically, around building and maintaining test plans in a comprehensive environment. Test plans seem heavy handed, and a throwback to waterfall methodology. I almost want to abandon plans all together, and live in pivotal tracker entirely. Only issue, is our automated regression testing isn’t built out to avoid manual testing. Pulling out manual regression tests from pivotal tracker seems cumbersome.

Anyway, just looking for some general tips from the QA community, that may be in a similar situation.

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Selenium IDE Issues

I have a few questions if anyone is willing to help me. I am considering using Selenium IDE to automate tests on my web app; I need to test them on Chrome, IE and Firefox.

1) Obviously with the recent issues, and the fact that Selenium no longer works on the latest version of Firefox, I would have to run the IDE on an OLD version of Firefox. Could this affect test results in any way?

2) Although Selenium is a Firefox plug-in I am aware there are ways of getting it to work in IE and Chrome through Java. Are there any downsides to this? i.e drain on resources? testing issues?

3) Could running it on an old version of Firefox also cause issues with the Java method mentioned in my previous point?

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Best alternative tool if I want to be a quality assurance?

Hi, I have 2 years in programming in .NET(maybe not to good also in JavaScript) and I just want a career change. While watching a tutorial last night about Selenium, I just got past into the testing page. I’m wondering why it wouldn’t work from my side. I learned that Firefox 55 isn’t compatible anymore to Selenium? I have some knowledge about basic QA because I learned first the basic before watching how Selenium Works. Can somebody align me to the right path?

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Conversion to ISO: 2008 to 2015 is killing me.

I would imagine many here deal with ISO standard’s. And most likely know the old 9001:2008 standard expires September 2018.

My companies renewal is later next month and I have been working on switching over to the 2015 standard for awhile (we need it to re-cert 3 years).

I have way too many direct questions so I won’t bother anyone as I am sure no one wants to deal with it. However I am hoping someone could (in simple terms) tell me the differences between the two? That way I can concentrate on it, due to knowing I am going to have to fabricate a lot of crap.

This sucks, I created our system 9 years ago and always get flying colors. This is so annoying.

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Samsung A7 live demo unit restores by itself?

So I have Samsung Galaxy A7 phone and its called ‘live demo unit’ version. Then I have 2 apps which I install from “downloads” folder, not from the Google play store. I install them, then run and everything is fine, but then, after a few hours they suddenly disappear. Like someone deleted them, but .apk files are still in “downloads” folder. We think that there are a problem in device’s firmware – like it restores the phone to factory settings every day by itself or something like this. Any thoughts? =)

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