Recomendation of any good tool for mobile app test automation ?

Hi, I have a very demanding project, and considered implementation of automatic test. My wet dream is something like Xamarin Test recorder because it was easy to record tests on iOS and Android, but tests can be only launched on cloud and project needs a special network connection. I considered also do some test using espresso in Android Studio but I can’t find anything good for iOS. Do you guys know any good similiar tools for test recording ?

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Anyone need free help? Looking to gain practical automation experience.

This doesn’t have to be formal help for your company, I can simply take a task or two off your plate if you want.

I spent the last couple months learning/ self studying. I have experience with selenium, robot framework, and python. I’d have to do the work remotely since my condition makes it difficult to commute. Let me know if there is anything I can help out with.

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Need something to replace qTest.

At my last job we used qTest and I liked it a lot. Now I got hired on as the lead/first QA at a little startup that doesn’t have anything set up yet. Anyway turns out qTest is really expensive and my boss balked at the price tag, so I need to find something else. I tried TestRail and I’m not wild about it. I miss the ability to copy/paste several test steps at once, and I don’t like the way it organizes things either. What do you guys like? Doesn’t have to be free, just not too terribly expensive for a couple users.

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Where to start with automation test? Currently manual tester

Hi everyone, I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction for some self-learning materials.

My goal here is to greatly improve the way my current company does QA, Somehow I landed a decent job based on my willingness to learn. I started out testing primarily front-end stuff and backend, I am an intermediate front-end developer and have used to do basic hello world tests using protractor and selenium.

My company looks-after a website build on wordpress, this has one master repo which works for both intranet and main site. The site is mainly content which is fully custom built with the use of visual composer so the client can make content changes.

Features are Graphs (Highcharts) Data (numbers) that pulls in and updates the site on a monthly basis Intranet which makes use of other 3rd party software which we don’t have control over so for the intranet it’s mainly again content and improvements.

When we make updates to WP and Visual composer we need to do regression testing but I want to make this easier. My goal is to have a set of tests that run, using Travis CI or something similar that give the PR a green light on the tests.

Where would I start? Do I start with what I want to automate? because I’m not entirely sure what is possible to automate, I assume everything up to CSS regression testing.

Have you got any useful documentation or guides to starting out? I would happily take on a framework and learn a new language.

Really appreciate your responses here.

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